Scrub Mishaps

If you're a medical professional scrubs are probably your daily required uniform. We all know that every person has a specific body type, and not everything looks good on everyone. Often times people struggle with wanting to express their individuality and personality through their clothing, yet they can't because they have a required uniform. Expressing your individuality is tricky, as you can deter toward major fashion mishaps. This isn't a list about simply wearing a cartoon character scrub top in the ICU, but rather this is about serious scrub mishaps. Are you committing these faux pas?

1. The Peep Show

Ladies, I realize that you may feel like you want to show a little cleavage from time to time, but your place of employment is not the right time. Your scrub top should fit appropriately and cover your chest. If your v-neck shows too much skin, then a tank top is needed. Keep in mind that this is a professional environment, and providing everyone you pass a sneak peek isn't professional at all. Save the show for your personal life, healing patients is your main priority.

2. Wear Your Size

Your scrub uniforms main purpose is comfort and functionality. There is no way that you can effectively do your job, if your pants are so tight that they look like they've been painted on you. As women we want to wear formfitting clothing that shows off our curves which is fine, but there's a limit to what is professional. You want to wear scrubs that give you the ability to do your job and not leave you practically immobile. Leave the skinny jeans for the clubs.

3. Transparent Scrubs

I know some nurses are required to wear white scrubs, and others choose to wear them. Whatever the case, if you're wearing white please make sure that you have on darker undergarments. There's nothing worse than seeing a flowered bra through a nurses scrub top, or seeing flowered panties as they pass you. If you don't like wearing plain or dark undergarments, you should definitely splurge and get white scrubs that aren't see through.

4. Holes and Stains

Stains are part of the job, but that doesn't mean you should continue to wear these stained scrubs. Take care of your uniform and if there happens to be a stain that you can't get out, by all means don't continue to wear the scrubs. Holes are another thing you want to stay away from. When garments begin to show wear and tear, don't neglect to update your uniform. Maintaining a level of professionalism is always important, and stains and holes won't get you there.

This is simply a short list of the few scrub mishaps that can happen. You never want to commit fashion mishaps, and professional mishaps are even worst. You worked too hard to get into your profession, so you should definitely want to look the part. Don't let a few mistakes leave you to be judged. Make sure you're taking the time and putting forth the effort to represent yourself well in your new career.