D&G Sunglasses - Sure Bet for an Ultra Dashing Look

D&G sunglasses - the youth based brand, which is famous for its urban inspiration, is an acclaimed trend setter. The brand is foraying into the segment of men's sunglasses with some jaw dropping designs. Following are a handful among those:

D&G DD2200: Want to look like Keanu Reaves of 'The Matrix' fame? Here is a shortcut. Go out donning D&G DD2200 and see the reaction on the onlookers face. It will be of envy. Such is the effect of these tortoise green shades with black frame.

D&G DD6010: A stunning wraparound. The Blue shades with wide resting hooks in black will surely make you the cynosure in parties. Try it out.

D&G DD6068: Aviators are from Mars and Women are from venus. Oops, I am sorry. Men are from mars and women are from venus. But the mistake hardly makes any difference. There is hardly any man on this planet who does not like the Aviators and D&G DD6068 is the classic tear drop frame in a new package.

D&G DD8039: Another killer wraparound. This one suits sportsmen better. The single piece glass in brown and violet gradient shades with appropriate resting hooks is a 'showstopper' model.

D&G DD8047: Expect a lot of love proposals from the fairer sex once they see you donning D&G DD8047 as it is going to make them weak at their knees. This one is a real mirror cracking material.

D&G DD8068: Here comes a model for your beach holidays. Colorful frames with nice shades will double up the fun quotient.

Men are generally considered less fashionable than women. But donning these shades by D&G is going to prove that wrong. Therefore, all the hunks out there, who are planning to buy sunglasses, by now must have made their mind for no other than D&G.