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Pierre Hardy's latest collection

Pierre Hardy, a well-known French footwear designer, was also keen on dancing when he was young. He also studied making shoes carefully by the side as an assistant, prompting him to be the designer of Christian Dior's footwear.And he has served Christian Dior for 4 years.

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The 7 Reasons Why You Need a Success Coach

Do you jump out of bed every morning thinking you can't wait to get the day started?For many of us, life is a merry go-round (though often not so merry) of solving problems. We lunge from one drama or mini crisis to the next. Our energy is zapped rea ..........Read full article

Teenagers Are More Materialistic Now Than Ever

Many high school students complain that they have friends who are really spoiled. Not just because their parents are rich but because they get whatever they want. No matter what the cost, their parents just hand over the plastic without blinking an e ..........Read full article

Handbags That Suit Your Personality

Handbags showcase the style of one's personality, as they are getting more and more popular in recent times especially in the youth. Some times it's hard to choose as you are come up with so many options that are available in your local store or even ..........Read full article

Tony Lama Cowboy Boots - Best Women's Western Boot

Are you an existing Tony Lama boots fan?Perhaps you're on the way to become one. Even if you just want to keep up to date and find out about new boot styles, it is good to be able to find everything about trendy Tony Lama women's western boots at one ..........Read full article

P90X, The Tony Horton Workout Ready To Get You Ripped Now!

Power ninety or P90x is a set of DVD disks created for those who desire to be match and assemble their muscular tissues. The solution claims that your body will transform from normal to ripped in only ninety days. The package deal contains twelve rou ..........Read full article

Using Tote Bags for Arts and Crafts Projects

My mother introduced me to scrapbooking and scrapbooks when I was a child. She showed me her high school scrapbook and I immediately took a liking to it. So even in my earlier years I had put in tremendous effort just to make my own scrapbook. Today ..........Read full article

Shopping For Shoes - How and Where to Get the Best Deals

Shopping for shoes can be very exciting and stimulating for you ladies, for this is one thing that you can never have enough of. One pair for every outfit, one pair for each occasion and one pair for each day of the week. And Besides Pay less, Target ..........Read full article

Business Owners - Don't Break the Bank This Holiday Season

It is that time of year again for business owners. You want to thank your loyal clients with a gift. You also want to send something to prospective clients. But what?As the Debt Free Business Coach, I must ask you "What does your budget allow this ye ..........Read full article

D&G Sunglasses - Sure Bet for an Ultra Dashing Look

D&G sunglasses - the youth based brand, which is famous for its urban inspiration, is an acclaimed trend setter. The brand is foraying into the segment of men's sunglasses with some jaw dropping designs. Following are a handful among those:D&G DD2200 ..........Read full article

Feel The Force of Quality Givenchy Jewelry

Givenchy has built itself up as a force in the fashion world because of its pieces that are known for their elegance and unique appeal. The brand began with clothing lines for men and women, but has since then tapped into other products as well inclu ..........Read full article